Dan DeHart

Dan DeHart



Dan DeHart is a licensed real estate agent with a passion for helping clients find their perfect home. As a husband and father of five, he understands the importance of finding a place that truly feels like home for families. With a diverse background in customer service and leadership roles, Dan brings a unique perspective to the world of real estate. From working as a skilled mechanic to excelling in the art of writing service and selling vehicles, Dan has always prioritized his clients' needs and satisfaction. As a former union president and the founder of a successful life coaching company, he possesses exceptional communication and negotiation skills that enable him to navigate the complexities of the real estate market with ease. Dan's academic achievements further enrich his expertise. He holds not one but two Bachelor's degrees—one in Behavioral Health and another in Psychology. This educational foundation equips him with a deep understanding of human behavior and enables him to provide personalized guidance tailored to his clients' needs and preferences. Outside of real estate, Dan enjoys spending time with his family, indulging in hobbies such as hunting, camping, fishing, and exploring backcountry roads.

About DeHart Home Hunters:
DeHart Home Hunters is a dynamic real estate duo, combining Dan and Jo's individual strengths to create an unbeatable team. With Jo's exceptional ability to understand clients' desires and Dan's strategic negotiation skills, they form a powerhouse partnership that consistently delivers outstanding results. Guided by their slogan "Where the Hart Meets Home," DeHart Home Hunters goes above and beyond to find the perfect match for their clients, creating lasting relationships and turning houses into homes. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, an experienced investor, or looking to sell your property, DeHart Home Hunters is dedicated to making your real estate journey a seamless and rewarding experience. Trust them to lead you home.

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